If you're looking for a blog that tackles the hurdles, the struggles, the trials, the tribulations and the joys of aging, then you've come to the right place. You have arrived at Baby Boomer Central! 

We will not be ignored!

To my surprise there are a lot of blogs out there for Baby Boomers but there are scant few written by and for women over 60 that include fashion/style and interior design. 

Let's dispel the myth!

I'm not a frumpy old woman just because I'm over 60. I can use a computer pretty well. I'm on social media and I have 4 other blogs under my belt. I still enjoy fashion and looking stylish. I started this blog about a year ago with a focus mostly on fashion. But...I wasn't happy.  Although I don't feel 65, I'm not 35 either. So, I was left feeling a bit empty and unfulfilled and I asked myself, "Who am I writing this blog for anyway?"

I wasn't being my authentic self.

In today’s society, being honest isn’t always the “cool thing” to do.

I am not a writer or a ex fashion model. I don't blog for money, blog hop nor do I have companies supplying me with beautiful clothes to model or products to promote. I don't have a photographer who takes lots of photos of me in far away, exotic places. Nope, I am a 65 year old single black woman, (in a relationship for 18 years) and now I'm on the brink of retirement and aging with attitude! I wear all my own clothes and take all my own photos (most of which are taken in my tiny 640 sq ft apartment). As a matter of fact, I am in no way connected to fashion, other than the fact that I like it -- a lot! So fashion remains.

But....there is so much more to life!

While I was fashion blogging last year, I discovered that as much as I enjoy fashion, a total focus on fashion left me without an avenue to talk about the other important parts of my life --  like being a black female over 60 -- like how I can become more healthy in my body, mind and spirit. How to get away from consumerism and live a more simple and purpose filled life. After all, aging is an inside job, we age consciously from the inside out.  I'll also be posting about learning Spanish, navigating retirement and living abroad on a shoe string.  Plus I'll throw in some news, current events and politics for good measure!

I decided I needed to Change Direction to expand the focus beyond just fashion and talk about how I really feel about this thing called "aging". Not trying to be polite or fit into any box. Just being me. 

Authentically me.

July 2015


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  1. Devon - you are beautiful, stylish and fierce! Found you as part of the Between the Lines series and have scheduled your post to appear on the MySideof50 Facebook page. Cathy from Mysideof50.com

    1. Wow Thanks Cathy!!I really appreciate the share.