A respecter of all

When we look past matters of politics, material goods, romantic partners and other life choices, most of us share a desire to achieve a sense of wholeness, to enhance our spiritual nature and to experience personal growth. Another way of putting it is to say that, somewhere in our brains beyond the worries about credit card bills and looming layoffs at work, many of us want to live a more conscious life. Ideally, we'd be balanced, aware of ourselves and others, and present in each moment.

See all in love and everything as connected

Don't put yourself into a box where spirituality is concerned. There are countless ways to get there.

For example, meditation is the way for many, sometimes I meditate and sometimes I don't and if I decide to stop altogether, it wouldn't make me “less” of a spiritual person.

True teachers always know they are first and foremost the student with the most to learn. And they never tell you what to see; only where to look.

Once you become dependent on someone or something outside of yourself, you are disconnected from your most valuable source of assistance; your spirit and your connection to the Universe and the Source.

You can’t hear the silence when you focus only on the outside chatter.

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