Sunday, April 27, 2014

Less is more

i bought a beautiful, red, handcrafted leather tote bag on Friday
 however, the bag is really more than just a red tote
for me,
it's another step in my ongoing challenge
to simplify my life
one of my biggest hurdles - managing my clothes
and putting my closet in order

read on.....

I learned about this new store while i was catching up on some of my online reading. It's called Cuyana which means, "to love" in the language of Quechua (the name of a people of the central Andes of South America) you can order their elegant items online, but their company just happens to be based in San Francisco at Union Square right next to Macy's and Swarovski Crystals.  
So I paid them a visit on my lunch hour. When I saw all the bags, it was love at first sight! Instead of choosing my old stand by - black, I bought myself a beautiful red one! I am having it monogrammed, so it will take about 10 days before I get to bring it home. I'm hoping to have it back by my birthday on May 8th.  (fingers crossed)  I'll be sure to post pics when it arrives. 

While I was there I took some photos.

The Cuyana Philosophy

"There is beauty in the aesthetic of less"

The objective is to help us simplify our closets and our lives through intentional buying – to create a closet filled with only pieces we love.  Creating a lifestyle of and belief in 
"fewer, better things"

The company also encourages us to take the things we no longer wear and gift them to others who can use them. They will actually help you get your closet organized.

I think this is a wonderful philosophy for a company!

Want an easy way to give? No worries, Cuyana to the rescue with their cool program called 'lean shipping' They supply the re useable bag and you just send it back with your cast offs. Their non profit partners will make sure your gifts end up in the hands of people whose lives will be made better by your generosity.

The office and showroom

these beautiful bags come n a multitude of yummy colors!

the tote comes in 2 heights - regular and tall

Oh and they have the cutest little bags to go inside your tote! I plan to get these next.
They are an excellent travel size for make up and toiletries.

Be sure to check out the alpaca capes and cashmere sweaters

Who among us women does not need at least a little help in simplifying our closets? Speak now!

BTW- if you are interested in getting one of these bags you should hurry over to site. When I arrived at the store on Friday some of the colors were already sold out and the website was crashing due to all the online traffic.

Watch the Cuyana story below

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  1. i love this...thanks for sharing! i'm inspired to tackle my closet...

  2. and i love the gold/yellow tote you pictured!