Monday, May 5, 2014

Buy one in EVERY color!

I'm a firm believer in the saying, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it". 

This is also my motto for fashion and style and is something I always stressed to my clients when I was doing wardrobe and image consulting.

When you find an item of clothing that looks good on you and you feel good in it, buy it in every color! I do it all the time.  I can't count the number of items in my closet that are duplicates.  Don't get me wrong.  I'm not suggesting that you buy every color and then wear the exact same outfit. You do need to be creative.  And, I'll bet that hardly anyone will figure it out!  If they do, they will probably compliment you on how nice you look.

This works especially well when you are being true to your own personal style and not following some fleeting fashion trend.

Hoodie fetish
I'm in love the linen hoodie from Bryn Walker, as they cover a multitude of sins (if you get my drift). I always feel comfortable when I'm wearing one, and, you can dress them up or down. I have worn these with jeans, slacks, skirts, shorts and even over dresses. They are great in the summer and the fall. They keep me warm enough in the summer months if the weather turns a little chilly at night. When it's a hot day, I just roll the sleeves up higher (heck, it's linen)!

They are truly my go-to item

I have SIX linen hoodies
Here's my collection

BTW - the other day I found out just how true to my own style I am. I went into Bryn Walker to check out the new hoodie colors for the season. One of the colors was orange. I was going to purchase it but when I turned over the price tag it was $98.  So, I decided to wait to buy it on clearance.

About a week later I was going through some clothes that I had marked for discard and what do you think I found? It was an aqua linen hoodie (and matching linen pants) At first I didn't recall having them.  I think this was my very first hoodie purchase. Over the years and over many moves it somehow ended up in a bag with other clothing and was set to be discarded.  I thought a little harder and it came back to me that I purchased the outfit for an event in 2001 that included having some professional photographs taken.

I pulled it out and was so happy. A new hoodie to add to my collection and I saved myself 98 bucks to boot.

Here's the hoodie after a trip to the cleaners

Here's the original hoodie below - (it's a picture of a picture)
taken in July 2001 age 51
You can tell this is a while back because of my short hair (had been letting it grow for only 1 yr)

 with pants

 over a dress

Does your closet include 'duplicates'??

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