Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Fabulous Friends over Fifty - Absolutely Abeba!

My featured friend today is Abeba. Abeba is a young is 58 years old. We have been friends for many years. She is a very talented clothing designer here in the Bay Area. She owns a little shop called Absolutely Beautiful by Abeba which features African inspired clothing and accessories. Her shop is located at 163 Felton St, San Leandro, CA . She has no website but if any of her fashions interest you, give her a call @ 510-351-3517. Tell her I sent you!

Abeba hosts many fashion shows at her shop. Below she models some of her own designs

You know I'm a sucker for stripes (especially black and white). Photo from May fashion show

She is Absolutely, beautiful!! (and she is a twin) 

Abeba and I wear a natural hairstyle called Sisterlocks, although she has been wearing her hair natural since 1999 (I started in 2000). I featured Abeba on my Roc'n the Long Locs website. Oh, Abeba also is the creator of Abeba's Krazy Krackers (raw food crackers). For more information check out the site.

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