Sunday, May 18, 2014

I LOVE a belated birthday present!

What a beautiful Saturday afternoon we spent at the Wente Brothers Winery.
I mean, I ask you...Is there anything better than, good wine, good food, good music, good people and good weather? I think not!

The Wente estate is gorgeous and only about  an hour's drive from my house.

It was my daughter's treat and we had unlimited access to all the wine we wanted to sample, which included their magnificent wines bottled under the Nth Degree label.  We came home with 5 bottles of wine (2 Nth Degree bottles for me - Chardonnay & a Pinot Noir, plus a small lot Counoise.  My daughter and her friend took home a Grenache and a Riesling). The bottles were so pricey that I will not open mine until there is some special occasion.  The wines were sooo good that I'm spoiled. I bought a regular bottle of Wente Chardonnay today at Safeway to enjoy this evening.

Although our plans were to enjoy the exquisite brunch in the restaurant, we got so involved with the wine tasting that the restaurant stopped serving so we were 'forced' to eat at the bar & grill on the golf course. Poor us!! (smiling)

For appetizers, we enjoyed the artichoke dip and something I have never had before, crispy fried brussels sprouts. OMG, they were to die for! I can't recall what everyone had for their mine course. I had the chicken. I was so full that I brought it home in a to-go box. It is still waiting for me in the fridge. 

our toast (one of many)

acres and acres of grapes!

Thanks Farryn for a wonderful belated birthday and Mother's Day present!! Me and my guy will definitely come back again.

Saturday outfit
Maxi dress/skirt red and white candy stripe from the Gap 
white cotton Josie top from Bryn Walker 

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