Thursday, June 26, 2014

How to turn up your style funk!

Did you know that according to a study on aging (Americans ages 55-74), most people felt 12 years younger than their chronological age?  The study also shows that this is a good thing, because people who feel younger than they are, actually live longer.  Interesting huh?

So now that we've taken at least 12 years off your age – it’s time to crank up the funk in your style! 

Leave the safe dressing behind, for when you are, say 100 (which would be 88 using our new calculation).

pink, coral, red and orange all together
How do I funk up my style you ask?
Well, I'm not suggesting that you dress like a clown or look like you are wearing a costume.  I just mean, try pushing the boundaries a bit.  It can be a lot of fun and maybe you'll decide to see just how far out you can go.  You might even surprise yourself! 

Speaking of surprise - Every outfit should always include some element of SURPRISE!   

Depending on your personality (and/or your tolerance for stares), the degree can vary widely.  Since I live in the Bay Area, pretty much anything goes here. You can turn the dial up pretty high and not get a single stare.  But that said, I still don't want to look too crazy.  I mean, there are limits.

My preference is sort of classic sophisticated funk - if you will!  (Turning the dial up or down depending on the circumstances and my mood of course) 

Be more unpredictable in what you wear
If you incorporate the element of surprise into the way you dress it will be very difficult for anyone to copy your personal style.  They can wear the same exact clothes as you do, but no matter how hard they try, they will never look exactly like you.  They won't, because most people are not willing to step outside their style box.  They are very (ho hum) style predictable.

As we age, many of us will become a little braver and that will spill over and influence our personal style. 

Here are a few easy tricks you can use right now to add a bit of unpredictability to your style:

~ Wear navy blue and black together (I know, your mama and all the fashion books probably told you that this was a no-no!  but SURPRISE!  That’s actually the very reason why you should do it) 

And anyway, this season, navy is the new black!

don't overlook the menswear dept
~  Be a gender rebel - shop in the menswear department.  Grab a pair of jeans, or other slacks (this works really well with a print), or choose shirt, blazer or a scarf.

It’s about the surprise

~  On the weekend, dress in a pair of jeans, throw on a t-shirt and add some pearls

Catching on?

mens 501 jeans 
~ Wear colorful socks - colorful socks are not just for holidays
People actually notice them and it can become a topic of conversation.  I met a very good friend on the ferry one morning when we were both on our work to work because she commented on my socks. 

~ Ditch the tiny jewelry and go for bold statement pieces

~ Layer your necklaces

I could go on and on, but this should get you started and hopefully get you thinking

Dressing well is an art and like all art forms, it can be mastered
Nobody can do you better than you!

Oh and don't forget - Incorporating the element of surprise also works when applied to decorating your home and interior design.

Leave me a comment with any suggestions you would like to share
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