Monday, June 9, 2014

Let's talk UGLY feet - and don't shoot the messenger!

I said I was going to write a post on the 'mature' woman and shoe style, but let's start with the basics - our FEET!

I'm not going to call out all the ugly feet or pass judgement here but there is even a page on Pinterest devoted exclusively to "Ugly Feet".

This can be a sensitive topic, but don't we all know whether we have ugly feet or not? (eye roll) Really, c'mon now.

Bunions, corns, callouses, hammer toes…wide feet, stubby feet, flat feet, toenail fungus and weird toes....
probably not a good choice! 
Or perhaps some of us are more sensitive about how our feet look in public.  Back in the day I dated a guy whose feet looked like hands (no kidding) It was awful!  Maybe that's when I started to notice ugly feet.

Personally, I am just as sensitive about my own feet.  I'm not a big fan of the open toe shoe and only wear certain sandals.  It's not that I think my feet are particularly ugly, per se (and in comparison to many feet I've seen on the street), but after 64 years of squeezing them into those tight-ass high heels and other shoes that may have been a tad too small, my feet are showing some signs of wear and tear.

I have corns on my baby toes and on some of my other toes as well, mostly on my right foot.  My baby toe even kind of rolls over when I walk.  (Some bone structure thing, according to the doc)  My podiatrist says "it's not correctible without surgery".  Since I've heard horror stories about foot surgery and since it is does not impede my ability to walk, I've pretty much come to conclusion that these are the feet I'm stuck with and have left them alone.  

But I feel like ugly feet can ruin an, given the choice, I will always choose a closed toe shoe over an open toe shoe every time.  Fortunately I don't live in a hot climate so I don't have to deal with having my feet out 24/7.  I do take proper care of my feet...Well, sort of.  In the warmer seasons I wear polish. (that counts, right?) I used to have pedicures regularly but now, mostly only if I am going somewhere special, otherwise I do bare minimal home foot care.  I have read that most podiatrists advise against wearing polish as it can discolor nails, instead they suggest using a nail buffer and use a protective nail oil.  Or, if you must apply polish, use a base coat and don't leave it on for more than 48 hours. 

Yes, these are MY feet.  In need of a pedicure.

The main thing I do is (whenever possible) is wear shoes that MINIMIZE my flaws (just like I do with clothing).  I can't wear every clothing style that is out and so neither can I wear every shoe/sandal style.  I can no longer wear a HIGH heel (nor do I want to) and pretty much stick to flats or a pump.  Those typical sexy, strappy sandals doesn't look sexy on my feet at all.  I also have rather slender ankles and calves and recently (to my dismay) I discovered I cannot wear those gladiator sandals.  I'm sort of sad about it because I like them, but soon enough they will be out of style and some other sandal will be all the rage.

I'll just wait until then.

I tried on the shoe below on Saturday at The Walk Shop in Berkeley. They were super comfy.  Come in light grey, black and red. Price is $179.  Debating about getting them.  Am partial to the red.

We all have something we don't particularly like, nest pas?  But smile, you gotta love your feet!!  They get us around and what would we do and more importantly, where would we be without them?

but....I swear to you I will NEVER rock a Birkenstock!

here are some shoe alternatives that I think minimize flaws for less than stellar toes 

Foot Facts
39 percent of women say they wear high heels every day, and 75 percent of those women say they experience regular shoe-related foot pain and suffer from bunions, arthritic big toes, calluses, hammer toes, and plantar warts.
The biggest problems are related to the height of the heel and/or the narrowness of the toe box.

The narrow toe box makes it hard for many women to properly fit their entire foot into the shoe. This poor fit can lead to toe deformities in many women. These include bunions, hammertoes, and calluses.

High heels also bend the toes up and can move padding under the knuckles of the foot further down, exposing more bone to the bottom of the shoes, causing a great deal of pain. 

Any tips for how to minimize flaws?
Got ugly feet? Tell us all about them.
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