Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Sometimes you feel like a hat, sometimes you don't

I'm counting down to Saturday.  That's the day of the summer picnic wedding.

And, no, I have not exactly figured out what to wear.

But, I'm getting close-er.

My first challenge was to decide if I was going to wear a hat.  And that all depended on whether or not I could find one to fit my head.

With a rather large head to start with, my thick hair only complicates matters.  So much so, that I can rarely find a hat that fits.

I've searched everywhere.  If I find a hat that I like and it fits, I will usually buy it.  Most of these hats turn out to be of the knitted variety (not exactly a fashion statement for a wedding).  I am reluctant to order a hat online without trying it on because I feel like there is a special feeling you should have when you wear a hat and I can't get that feeling through the computer.

A friend suggested that I try Bloomingdales.  So Saturday we took the train to the city and I searched through all the hats at Bloomys.  They didn't really have all that many and I was not particularly impressed with the ones I saw.  Most of the hats were too small for my head (they sat on top of my head like toys) and the few that I liked were over my budget (for me, $300 is too much to spend for a hat to wear to someone else's wedding).

As is usual for me, I ended up back at Nordstrom (where I had searched only a fews days prior) however miraculously, there were 4 hats that fit and one of which I actually liked.  It was only $74. Happy day!  I didn't buy it on Saturday because it will not go with my outfit but I do plan to buy it to add to my hat collection (I've already located it online).  It has many bright colors and I think it will be a perfect addition.

I ended up coming back home and having my boyfriend move my wardrobe unit away from the wall so that I could get to the items I had stored behind it.  I have 4 hats that I bought last year in Barbados (where they obviously appreciate women with larger heads).  I had NO problem finding hats there!

So far I'm thinking that my planned outfit will be some version of navy, white and yellow.

This navy/white striped hat should work out just fine.

And the price was definitely right!

Got the hat
Now need to pull the rest of the outfit together
Much more to be done
only 4 more days to go!
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