Monday, June 23, 2014

What I did NOT wear to the summer picnic wedding

I was so confounded regarding what to wear to the wedding on Saturday that I nixed my original idea of wearing navy, white and yellow and decided to go with this gray & white striped maxi dress.  Of course then I was presented with a new dilemma  - which sweater, wrap or scarf to choose.

Here are some photos of me in my maxi dress trying to decide 

pockets are a girl's best friend

I bought this maxi dress recently at The Gap. They are reasonably priced (about $70) and come in  several color combos. I like them because they have an uneven flare along the bottom - (which I did have to tie in a small knot because I did not want to trip on the trail or have it drag on the ground and get dirty).

I'm thinking of picking up at least one more (they come in purple).  They are simple to wear. Easy to dress up or down.  I think they will work well for our upcoming Panama Canal cruise and they will also be good if we relocate to Costa Rica.

Due to our unpredictable Bay Area weather I will usually need to add some sort of jacket or sweater.

I love arm candy

And the eleventh hour we received one final text stressing the fact that we should "wear something comfortable" and reiterating that we would encounter a short uneven gravel trail on the way to the site.  In addition the weather report said 70s.

I did add some yellow in to my choices

So...I changed my mind yet again and ended up wearing slacks!!
Which ultimately was probably the best choice for me.  Since chairs were limited, (and we brought a blanket), I spent about 3 hours sitting comfortably on our blanket sipping wine while enjoying the ceremony in the very warm sun, as the temperature got very close to 80!
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