Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Pizza, beer and the red, white and blue!

What a day it was today for soccer and for the San Francisco employees of the company I work for.  I don't talk about it on this blog but I am not a big fan of most corporations.  Working for a company today is not like it used to be back in the day.  Sadly today, most corporations are much more concerned with making money than they are with the welfare of their employees.  I also think that the corporate culture stifles creativity and encourages "group think".  That's all I will say for now. my company surprised me.  We received a voice mail message telling us "thank you for a great quarter" and that we could wear jeans for the remainder of the week. (Tuesday) the company hosted a party serving pizza and beer.
We were encouraged to dress in our finest patriotic "red-white-and blue" clothing and a prize would be awarded.
Then....we were all to gather to watch the USA vs Belgium soccer game! Pretty sweet!

So, we did!
White sweater  & Red T-Shirt from The Gap
Navy Capri pant from Cache
Red Patent Shoe Nordstrom
Red/Blue Star scarf from Jest Jewels

The pizza was great (I don't like beer) and watching the game together (San Francisco has about 300+ employees) was a lot of fun, even though our US team lost.  I've heard that the American audience will now decline significantly due to the loss by the US team.

I hope that Americans will continue to watch the World Cup and support the sport, much as we support MLB baseball, NFL football and the NBA basketball teams.  Soccer is an international sport and we are all citizens of the world.  We should be able to continue enjoying the games even if our team loses.

Here are some photos of another patriotic look (minus the red)

Navy & White stripe dress from Alfani
Navy Jacket Jones of NY

What a difference a jacket makes!

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