Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Smooth Sailing - Fashions from a laborless Labor Day

We spent the Labor Day holiday on a sailboat owned by a friend.
We sailed out on the San Francisco Bay and under the new Bay Bridge.

Currently the 2 bridges stand side by side but they are in the process of taking the old bridge down piece by piece.  We were able to observe the deconstruction of the old iconic bridge.  It's really pretty fascinating to watch. 

Have any of you sailed under the bridge?

The boat we sailed on was only a 33 footer, so not too big.  It is a sleep aboard.  A small boat means you don't really "dress up".  You mostly just put on something comfortable and bring a hat and some layering pieces in case the weather turns chilly (which it most often does out on the bay).

Here I am contemplating how I'm going to keep my hat on and take photos at the same time. 

I say that to say, among the many pictures taken, there were scant few useable photos of me and none of me looking even half way fashionable.  And although it was a perfect opportunity to wear one of my new Panama hats, I gave up and took it off within 15 minutes out.  It was entirely too windy to stay on my head (story of my life with hats) and after all, I didn't want to risk losing it into the Bay as I was forewarned that NOBODY was going to go in after it.

So I made the trip hatless.

The day turned out to be absolutely gorgeous!  The skies were blue and weather was sunny and mild. I never had to put on my jacket. I love sailing and miss that we haven't gone out much lately.  It was Verdette's first time, so Collie was nice enough to keep us away from the white caps and the choppy waters going out toward the Golden Gate.
Collie our skipper
and now....

Here's a reenactment of how I planned to look in the pictures!

blue Moroccan print pants by Karen Kane available @ Macy's

Much better!

I have so many pictures of the trip. If any of you are interested I'm going to make 
a photo slide show out of them. Will post here at a later date. Shame letting them all go to waste. 
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  1. great pics! and looks like a beautiful day on the bay!

  2. It was a terfic day!! Wish I could do it everyday. So carefree.