Friday, December 19, 2014

An Ugly Sweater - My Gift to You

Another week has come and gone. Can you believe it? Christmas is less than one short week away.  

Christmas will be quiet at my house. With my daughter in London for the holidays and my son and grandchildren living in Colorado there is no around except me and the BF. 

I'll be working until noon on Xmas eve and then off till January 5th. So looking forward to it!!! 

But...what would the holidays be without the office Christmas party?

Let the parties begin!

My classic oldie jam pick this week is another one of my holiday favorites. 

My Gift to You
Alexander O'Neal 1988

This year our company hosted it's annual "ugly Sweater" contest but there wasn't much participation from our small group.

Notice - there are NO ugly sweaters

Realizing our dilemma our colleague Joe ran over to Walgreen's to buy us all Santa hats, but they were all picked over and all that were left were the pink ones!  For this photo Joe borrowed a red hat. Don't know why he didn't want to wear a pink one? :)

I actually kind of like the pink hat!

Happy Holidays!!

Whatever you have planned (or don't).  Hope you enjoy your weekend!!
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