Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Say goodbye! Hello All Stars!

When I put on a maxi skirt or a maxi dress I usually put on a pair of girly shoes like strappy sandals, wedges, or a sexy pair of heels.

But today I thought about choosing a more casual alternative. 

I have a pair of red Converse in my closet which I call my 49er shoes. I break them out during the playoffs (that is the only time I wear them) but alas, there will be no playoffs for my team this year.
Our season is finished.

But why not celebrate anyway, even though we had a mediocre season.  I decided to wear my 49er Converse with one of my favorite black party skirts (which I bought in the Special Ocassion department at Nordstrom).

And...I have to ask myself "why" don't I wear these shoes more often? 

They are comfy and I love RED!

I think it was probably one of those "age appropriate" decisions

Made quickly, without really thinking

I WILL be wearing them in the future

I'm already thinking of all the many ways I can wear them :) 

Now, where is that glass of champagne??

I Love my 49ers and I'm going to miss Coach Harbaugh.
 I thought he did an excellent job with the team. 
Hopefully we will have a much better season next year!

oh here's the same skirt worn on a cruise formal night spring 2013

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