Tuesday, February 17, 2015

If you were in my shoes!

I love oxfords! 
Hated them when I was around 6 or 7 years old though. I remember wearing them to school. They were the big and clunky -  black and white ones - called "saddle" oxfords or "saddle" shoes. I was so happy when my feet grew so I could get another pair of shoes (you had to outgrow the shoe because it was virtually impossible to wear them out as they were indestructible!!)  When mine became too small for me my mother marched me right down to the shoe store and bought me another pair! They were exactly the same shoe! 

The saddle shoe originated in 1906 by Spalding company. The classic style was soft white leather with a black mid saddle (panel). The original design was used as a gym shoe and for sports.

Today saddle shoes are hard to find

Besides the pink oxfords, I also have a pair in black patent leather

In the 60's the saddle shoe returned to the scene. This time with a little strap. They were all the rage. I had to beg my mother to let me get a pair. Not so sure why she was so reluctant in the 60's when it seems that's the only shoe she wanted me to wear in the 50's.

Parents! You can never figure them out!

The “Bubble” saddle oxford became common for a few years. It was a slimmed down version of the chunkier saddle oxford and often had a buckle across the back of the heel. The soles were also thinner and heels low. It was a lighter, more fashionable, version adopted by students.

These pink oxfords came with an alternate pair of black shoe laces. 

I did finally graduate from the saddle shoes to this little number. I didn't like these much better.

But that's a whole nuther story!
For a whole nuther day!

BTW -- if you are interested, 
is some info on the history of saddle shoes
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