Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Find what you LOVE!

If you ever struggle getting out of bed in the morning, you need to watch this inspirational video featuring dancer Misty Copeland, TV personality Steve Harvey, and Steve Jobs. They talk about how following your dreams, your passions can and will motivate you.

The "yeah" pushes us toward our passion; the "but" stops us dead in our tracks. Yeah-but prefaces infinite justifications for avoiding the things our hearts find compelling.

Try this: The next time you hear yourself say "Yeah, but...," ask yourself if you're describing a genuine obstacle that cannot be circumnavigated. 

If not, do exactly what your Yeah-but says you shouldn't. Write that novel - Adopt that puppy 
Resist Resist, Resist!

Keep the "yeah" and kick the "but."

It is NEVER too late to find your Passion!!
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