Monday, July 6, 2015

Friends can make you smile! - Easy Fashions for any age

Friends are very important to me. We met some pretty incredible people on our recent trip to Costa Rica. Last Sunday at our weekly discussion meeting we reconnected via skype with one of our new friends (Professor Sherman Thomas, his wife Lucy and son Isaiah) in Costa Rica. It was an enjoyable afternoon and we were able to get a lot of our questions about Costa Rica answered.  They feel like family to us already and we can hardly wait to get back there to see them again.

After the call I kicked off my shoes and posed for a few candid photos.

I don't seek out clothing based on my age. I like what I like. What has happened to me is that, what I like has changed as I have aged and my body has changed. The things I wore when I was a much slimmer size 4 do not flatter the curvier me whose weight has now shifted. So I look for clothes that compliment the new body. I can usually find a way to adapt a style I like. Usually, it just requires a little modification in the length (i.e a longer length shorts, skirt or dress) or a little more give in the fit (a looser rather than tighter fit in say a pair of jeans), or a longer sleeve. In this case my linen top is from Bryn Walker and has a looser fit but my pants came straight from the Gap.

Navy Print Pants |The Gap | $59
Linen Top | Bryn Wlaker | $79
 Lately I've been in love with the printed jogging pants from The Gap. They have a draw string front (which is all I want to wear these days) plus they are light and very comfy to wear. I'm stocking up for Costa Rica.

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