Monday, July 27, 2015

Pack a better bag for your next trip to anywhere!

Because I travel so much I often get questions about how and what to pack when travelling.

First, the short answer to what you should pack?
As little as possible!

Take only essentials -
After years of packing "the wrong way" taking way too stuff, interestingly enough, I now use the same method of packing for almost every trip, going anywhere (duration 10 days to 3 weeks in warm to hot weather climates). If the trip is longer or shorter or the weather is cold, I will vary slightly.
The proces is the same only the pieces change.

I travel with a single piece of carry on luggage, and a backpack or over sized bag (which I can slip my purse into or I have the bag double as a big purse).

Make yourself a list of what you think you need
Then cut it in half.

Apply the 80/20 rule: 20% of what you pack will be worn 80% of the time

Here are some of my favorites you won't want to leave home without

How to Pack a Better Bag to Anywhere
                                                 How to Pack a Better Bag to Anywhere 

Instead of regular jeans try the new Ladies Commuter Jeans by Levi $88
This collection teams essential clothing with performance fabrics--the result is thoughtful, seamless design. These skinny jeans look and feel great on and off  bike. Enhanced with a water resistant technology, reflective side seams, and deep back pockets. Features: High rise Skinny leg Reflective tape on seams Deeper back pockets
(pictured above) 
Several Dresses (3) - they are lighter and take up less room than slacks plus they are an entire outfit. Choose lightweight, breezy fabric.

2 pairs of shorts - (Zip off if possible to combine shorts and pants)

Underwear - Instead of regular underwear try ExOfficio underwear I love them. They are light and comfy and you can wash them and they dry overnight. I bought about 4 pairs in 2010 and I am still wearing them. I actually like them better than regular underwear. After 5 years its time to replace them for my upcoming trip. Price is about $22/pair (pictured above)

Pack a pair of running, shoes, a pair of lightweight shoes (I like Tom's) a pair of sandals. Wear the running shoes on the plane. The other shoes will fit easily in your bag and not take up much room.
Put a Shower Cap over Shoes for protection

Swimsuits (2) - wear one while the other dries.

Take a couple of sarongs - They are small and lightweight. Can double as a bath and swim towel, skirt, dress, scarf, sweat rag, sun cover, and even a mosquito net in the hammock.
Also for a twist in sarongs check out weargrace's 'Sarong' pants are accented with Tibetan prayer flag  (pictured above)

Tips and Other important stuff:

If you're going anywhere with mosquitoes, tsetse flies, or other blood-sucking bugs, BugX Towelettes are fantastic. Price $16
Repellent Towelette repels mosquitoes, ticks, chiggers, fleas, mites, black flies, sand flies and deerflies. With the 30 percent active DEET formula, this convenient sheet is highly effective against West Nile Virus, Lyme disease, human dranulocyctis etc.. Individually wrapped in easy-to-carry foil pack with towelette pouch.
Pack baby wipes or Kleenex Fresh Care flushable Cleansing cloths $20. They do everything toilet paper does plus keep you cleaner & fresher. These came in handy on my travels to Africa and Costa Rica (where toilet paper is in short supply or facilities are less than desireable). Just Sayin!

If you have ear problems when you fly (like I do) - I highly recommend EarPlanes. They come in 2 sizes.  I CANNOT and WILL NOT fly without them! Cost $10
Relieves ear discomfort, clogging and popping with the exclusive CeramX™ filter that regulates air pressure naturally. EarPlanes and Small EarPlanes are backed by the Good Housekeeping Seal.
Pack minimum makeup
Put fragrances in a sock
Use Cling wrap/SaranWrap
(stops Jewelry from getting tangled)
Put cords in sunglasses case
Meds as needed/first aid kit
GSE Grapefruit Seed Extract
(for areas with unsafe water)

Grab a hat for the sun

And... don't forget to take the ultimate summertime essential - A good pair of sunglasses!!

Find what brings you joy and go there!
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