Monday, August 10, 2015

My first jumpsuit

Friday night I had an evening of great food and even better conversation with good friend of mine (who I haven't seen for a while). We had dinner a a chic little Italian restaurant in my neighborhood.

I wore a jumpsuit.

It is my first jumpsuit in many, many years. I love jumpsuits and have tried them on several times since they have come back into style, 
however, I have not found any to fit me until now. 
Many have been too long (I don't want to have to wear heels)
Many of the sleeveless variety make it impossible for me to wear a bra.
This one was perfect. It has sleeves that you can roll up and is very comfy.
Later in the evening I paired it with this cute sleeveless cardigan (sold separately) 

A Night at Bucci's

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