Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Rotten tomatoes - Garden Update

I've been getting some questions about the state of our backyard garden so thought I would update you with some pics.

The garden is doing pretty well. The things that are growing, are growing nicely
Bell pepper, zuchinni, squash, cucumber

We have beautiful salad greens and some herbs (basil and thyme)

We have yet to see a strawberry or cantaloupe

Not too bad for the first time out for us part time rookie gardeners!

Check out our ginormous zucchini.
Along with our tiny red peppers.
Very cute, sort of look like tomatoes

Oh and speaking of tomatoes!

We lost our tomato plants :(
Not exactly sure what happened to them.
They seemed to be doing so well and then all of a sudden...
R.I.P tomatoes
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