Sunday, September 13, 2015

The day after

Meant to post this one on Tuesday

I had an enjoyable holiday, with an extra day off on Tuesday. Took the girls over to the boyfriend's house for the weekend and the Labor Day holiday. Since I don't have any room in my tiny apartment to take any fashion photos I like to take advantage of one of the long bare walls he has at his place. I was sort of in a goofy mood today but Mr "retired but always working anyway" was not having any of it, so I barged into his office and took this picture (which he told me not to post) but don't worry, he doesn't read this blog, so he will never know!

Post Labor Day Casual
1969 Tencel Jogger Pants | The Gap |
Boyfriend Shirt | Banana Republic |
Post Labor Day Casual by urbandoggs featuring petite pants

My girls, Lola and Lily the "urbandoggs"
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