Thursday, January 28, 2016

A Passion for Fashion

What are the odds that your grandchildren will be blessed — or saddled — with your most distinguishing features and/or likes and dislikes? 

 Meet Khalia Ariel
my granddaughter

New genetic testing techniques can now reveal individuals’ shared lineage going back multiple generations but still can’t determine if your grandchild will have your high cheek bones. And yet there is some familial resemblance in every new grandchild.

The features you're more likely to see carried over in your grandchild are more likely to include hair, skin, and eye color, than the actual contours of your face, says Barry Starr, director of Stanford at The Tech, a program run by the Stanford University genetics department at the Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose, Calif.

Geneticists are making remarkable discoveries since the mapping of the human genome.
The experts say that any future discoveries about how appearance is carried through a child's genes are likely to come as a byproduct of other research, such as DNA sampling.

Khalia lives in Colorado. This photo was taken in 2011when we travelled to Atlanta. I have not seen her in person since then, but obviously she has grown up quite a bit. I think it would be fun to do a photo shoot together one day. We share a passion for fashion.

Khalia has completed cosmetology school and is making plans to attend a new college in the fall.

I'm very proud of her!

Thank you Khalia for allowing me to post these beautiful photos!
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