Monday, February 8, 2016

I can see clearly now!

My first pair of glasses arrived the other day. Just in time for the Super Bowl and about 7 days ahead of schedule.

I really like the glasses, although I do not particularly care for myself in glasses. There are some really cool frames out. It is hard to choose one. Which is why I chose 2.

My prescription changed just slightly in my left eye and with the new progressive lens I can now read my phone, up close (before it was much easier to read the text on my phone by removing my glasses).

Regarding Super Bowl 50 -  First let me say, after a week of rain and some very chilly weather, the skies were beautiful and the temps high, all across the Bay!! Cannot complain about that. Perfect weather to host Super Bowl 50! I didn't have a favorite team to cheer for this year, but we invited a few friends over and watched the game together. It was a good defensive game. Congrats to the Denver Broncos!!

Below are some pics of what I wore 
 photos of me in my new Dior glasses

Gray Chino Pants | Banana Republic|

Gray/White Top | Gap |
Dark Havana Ivory Black Glasses | Dior CD3289 |

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