Monday, May 9, 2016

A Day of Two's

"Arise, all women who have hearts!"
Spent a wonderful Mother's Day/Birthday with my daughter on Sunday. She treated me to a delicious brunch at Canela Bistro & Wine Bar, (a cute little Spanish restaurant in San Francisco specializing in Tapas). She even gave me TWO cards! (she also gave me the picture of us below) She knows a little about celebrating TWO occasions on one day as her birthday is Dec 27 and for her whole life has been subjected to Happy Birthday/Merry Christmas. I only have the double whammy every 7 years.

BTW - Costa Rica celebrates Mother's Day in August, so I will get to celebrate TWO times this year.

Me & My daughter, Farryn 1983
In the United States, the origins of the official holiday go back to 1870, when Julia Ward Howe – an abolitionist best remembered as the poet who wrote “Battle Hymn of the Republic” – worked to establish a Mother’s Peace Day. Howe dedicated the celebration to the eradication of war, and organized festivities in Boston for years. More

It was A Gray Linen Day

//Eileen Fisher Blouse//
//Jones of NY Trousers//
//Bryn Walker Black Vest//
//BP Pointy Toe Lace Flats//

Hope all you mom's had a great day!
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