Friday, August 5, 2016

There's gonna be a Wedding!!!

Not me of course!!!
The other day Kathleen, Jane and I went into town.
Our mission: To find an acceptable fabric for Jane's veil

Jane & Kathleen are both part of the expat group of 10 couples 
that will be re-married  (under Costa Rican law) on El Cajon ridge this Saturday.

We went into town to get some last minute wedding items. Jane has a tiara which she plans to wear (a very heavy one) but beyond that -- she has no idea what else she is wearing (and the wedding is tomorrow)

This should make for a very interesting affair!!

Here's a clip of our little shopping expedition 

BTW- I will be one of the photographers and video folks who will document the event on Saturday!!!
Plus I feel a fashion reveal coming on

Stay Tuned!!!
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