Thursday, April 24, 2014

Can I just get the light right?

My 1st Fashion & Style photo session
Fashion tips for women 40, 50 and  especially those over 60 (like me)!

I spent the better part of this week tweaking this blog trying to get everything just right for my big 'launch'. Whatever that means. To be honest, I'm not really expecting a big launch because I have no  readers (yet). Right now I feel like I'm off on an adventure to explore another side of myself that I have not yet written about. Exciting, but different.

As part of this new, so called 'launch' idea, I thought I would create a fashion/style segment.  I'm thinking of posting fashions twice a week. Maybe on Tues and Friday. I plan to give details about the outfits and include links when possible. I'll include clothes for every occasion.  Since I'm working, there will lots of clothes appropriate for the workplace. I'm also going to do video fashion and style segments. Very short ones. I have been learning to make small movies on my iMac. This will be a perfect opportunity to practice.

I love clothes and heaven knows I have more than enough of them to start a small boutique (even after getting rid of lots of them before I made my recent move in Dec). I'm even storing many of them offsite at my boyfriend's house, however I am still left with a closet stuffed too full of clothes and a wish that I could just get more lean where my closet is concerned. 

So, every night this week, I came home and took oodles of photos of myself in whatever outfit I happened to have worn to work that day. 

The only problem is...the photos are awful! 

I'd really like to become good at shooting some style photos of myself. This is something I have not done in the past, although I have become quite proficient at taking pictures of myself. Just not pictures of myself wearing clothing. I mean pictures of me featuring me wearing clothing. Well, you know what I mean.

The first problem, this apartment is so small. Real estate in the Bay Area is very pricey, which has forced me into smaller quarters (about (700 sq ft to be exact) But, I'm simplifying my life so I guess I can't complain too much. Except that, now there is no place to take these fashion/style photos of me wearing clothes! So I ended up in the hallway next to the bathroom. Hence the awful photos. The light was just all wrong! The pictures are all grainy and I can't blame it on the camera.

So.....tonight I was determined to find myself that perfect picture taking spot, because I am determined to do this style segment. I've seen so many other bloggers do it and I have always wanted to try it. Especially since 95% of the segments are for people under 40 and personally IMO some of the styles are kind of weird. I've searched high and low for a good site featuring stylish clothing for the more mature woman and so far I have found very few. 

The perfect spot turned out to be in my bedroom. I may have to use my shoji screen as a backdrop but I think if I turn all my lights on and turn them all up to the max plus use my flash, I can get a half way decent picture.

So, I'm happy.

But what do I do with all those awful photos I took? Well, I post them of course -- because there is no one reading this blog anyway and I can use them to judge how far Ive come once I figure out just how to shoot a great fashion/style segment right? 

Keep your fingers crossed 
and for now 
Say cheeeeeseeee!
my comfy royal blue sweater is by Inc @ Macy's 
great for Bay Area spring days when the weather is a little brisk 

I bought this cute bijou striped pencil skirt (navy and white) @ Ann Taylor - new for summer 2014
I was a little leary since the stripes are going the wrong way but I liked it so I bought it. Price was $89

Pointy toe pumps by Tildon @ Norstrom - quite reasonably priced now

 I bought my shoes back in the fall for $69.95. 
I don't see the black ones anymore but you can buy black & white for $34.95 (great deal)

I have a collection of navy tops and tees that I can pair the skirt with

The skirt is pretty versatile. here shown with a white jacket from Macy's 

Mitered striped full skirt also from Ann Taylor. Special price $79

I am wearing an old staple black jacket from Chicos. Pink blouse from Jones of NY $64
I am in love with these blouses and have them in every color. Great to wear with suits

Double layered tube skirt in black and white polka dots @ Nordstrom. About $40. I have 3 of these and absolutely love them! Paired with an Infiniti scarf from the Gap.

High rise midi tube skirt @ Nordstrom - great price now $38 but I think I paid a little more for mine.
Ny blouse is from Eileen Fisher and was not so reasonable ( I bought it a couple of years ago and paid about $145) but I love Eileen Fisher

I promise better photos next time
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