Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Love is a Many Splendored Thing

The show aired on CBS from September 18, 1967 to March 23, 1973 and was my first introduction to the beautiful Donna Mills and handsome David Birney (I used to LOVE David Birney until he treated Meredith Baxter so terribly).

Storyline 1969
Laura and Mark (Donna Mills & David Birney) marry, and shortly afterward, Laura discovers that she's pregnant. Spence leaves his insidious wife Nancy for Iris, who also becomes pregnant. 

During a flight to Lake Tahoe, Spence and Iris' private plane crashes, resulting in a serious brain injury that leaves Iris blinded. Mark has an extramarital affair with Jean Garrison, the stepmother of Spence, that is publicly exposed after Jean's ex-husband Steve Hurley is murdered. 

Mark's trial for murder causes Laura to miscarry their baby and have a nervous breakdown. Later, learning that she can never carry another child, Laura instigates divorce proceedings. After Iris learns that her brain injury will cause her death within a year, she and Spence agree that their baby would be better off with childless Laura; however, the court rejects the adoption on the grounds that Laura will be a single mother.

 Iris persuades Mark and Laura to reconcile for the sake of her baby, and gives birth to William Alex Garrison. Andy Hurley works for the 'Garrison for Senator' campaign and falls in love with Nikki Cabbott, a ballerina who later is revealed to be his illegitimate sister. They plan to leave San Francisco, but she drops dead onstage while dancing.

Makes perfect sense right? Just a simple story of a typical American family.

A blind and dying Iris Garrison attempts to convince her husband Spence and brother-in-law Mark Elliott that Mark and his wife Laura should adopt Iris' baby. Mark and Laura's neighbor Kim Hale is convinced that the couple will reconcile, but Laura and Iris' brother Tom has his doubts about the situation.
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