Monday, May 12, 2014

Everything is coming up roses!

Sunday was a fun day and just as busy as the last few days leading up to my birthday.

Sunday is also the day our discussion group meets. We look forward to getting together to discuss current events and the state of the world.  Sunday's topics included a discussion on scalar technology. In the morning we ran some errands which necessitated a trip to the farmer's market @ Oakland's Jack London Square. We were in search of affordable 'organic' fruits to use for our juice bar during our meeting. We've noticed that the organic fruits from Whole Foods can be quite pricey (especially if you need to buy them in bulk). At the farmer's marker we bought carrots for $2.50/lb some beets, spinach, peaches and ginger. We were unable to find organic apples and ended up at Whole Foods anyway. After finding none in stock there either, we surmised that apples must be out of season and so settled for pears. Another group member was to bring strawberries, and pineapple. We also have other appetizers and of course some desserts. It's a fun and interesting way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

On our way, we stopped by Pixar Animation Studio in hopes of catching the beautiful roses in full bloom.  This time of year the Pixar grounds have an English look and feel, thanks to founder, Steve Jobs and British flower expert David Austin. Steve chose to line the driveway with English roses named Constance Spry -- a pink, myrrh-scented climber by Austin.

Unfortunately we arrived about a week too late and missed the roses in full bloom but were still in time to enjoy the waning blossoms.  The aromatic fragrance of a million roses was ever present around the building! From what I understand the roses bloom twice so we plan to catch the 2nd bloom. I hear it is in August but I will check  to make sure, I definitely don't want to miss it this time.

Since we were there we snapped a few pictures.

Sunday's Mother's Day outfit was bright & breezy!

Checker iZod shirt from Marshall's

Always make time to stop and smell the roses!

option #2 - Add a white 1969 Denim Jacket from The Gap

White V Neck Tee from the Gap $17

Remember when I said, If you like something and it fits you and makes you feel good in it...
buy it in every color?
                                           Broken in Straight - Khakis from The Gap (just like these
                                                             I have 2 more colors to share

   White laceless shoe by Steve Madden

            Bright multi-color top by Ann Taylor  (coral, red, yellow & white)

option#3 - with temperatures rising, time to shed the jacket and throw on a
light top for our afternoon discussion group

                       Last stop The People's Grocery (closed on Sunday but open for pics of their artsy mural which goes all around the property)

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  1. You look gorgeous in front of those roses and I love the coral pants!

  2. Thank you. It was a gorgeous day and the roses were so fragrant! Wish I had them in my backyard (if I had a backyard) lol

  3. LOVE all the looks you put together with the pants. You look great in the white denim jacket!

  4. Hi Darlene

    You know we both know how to rock the denim jacket!! lol