Thursday, May 22, 2014

My newly discovered anti-aging beauty secret

I'm going to let you in on a secret which I stumbled upon quite by accident (no pun intended).  A few months ago I took a nasty fall on the street when I got tangled up while running across a street near our apt with my 2 Yorkies (on a double leash).  I hit the pavement quite hard and scraped my upper lip and my knee pretty badly.  Although I followed all the instructions (to avoid scarring), it seemed like it took forever for them to heal.  I wasn't too concerned about any resulting scarring on my knee but I did notice a black mark right above my lip (similar to a beauty mark but not). This one I wanted gone and fast!  So I began searching for a way to lighten it without using a harsh bleaching cream. 

My friend Edna works at Sunshine Health Foods. I generally consult her for any ailment I have.  I talked to her about my scar and also asked her to recommend a natural facial moisturizer.  She told me about using aloe vera to help the healing and fade the scar, plus she said an added benefit of using the aloe vera was that it is an excellent facial moisturizer.  

I went home, ditched my facial moisturizing cream and began using the aloe vera (Lily of the Desert 99%).  After only a few days I began to notice a change in the scar and my face began to feel tighter and smoother plus it just felt so much better to the touch. 

Shorty thereafter, I noticed I had run out of body oil (which I usually have blended for me at Body Time).  As an African American woman, I must use an oil for my skin. I was desperate to find a quick fix to tide me over until I could get to Body Time.  

Just so happens that I had recently researched how to make my own tooth paste and one of the ingredients was coconut oil.  I had heard that women from some native cultures swear by coconut oil. So I began reading about all the many ways that coconut oil is beneficial.  One of those ways is as a body moisturizer.  Hmmmm.  I mixed some up in a glass bowl and added a few drops of essential oils.  But, it doesn't stop there. Coconut oil can be used as a replacement for soap on your face, as a make up remover and for anti aging. You can also eat it to reduce belly fat.
  • It has antibacterial and antifungal properties
  • It won't change the pH of your face so it's not irritating
  • Lots and lots of antioxidants to help diminish fine lines and wrinkles
  • It tricks the skin into thinking it has enough oil to slow down oil production while locking in the moisture
  • It's been shown to work for all skin types 
OK, I'll bite!  I wasn't really expecting anything dramatic. I just wanted a replacement until I could pick up some of the body oil that I usually use.  So, I began to use the coconut oil all over my body and on my face.  In about a week I noticed a BIG change in my face.  Suddenly the wrinkles seemed to be diminishing and I felt like my face looked younger!  It was really quite shocking!  It also worked wonders on the rest of my body.  Shortly thereafter I started adding it to my diet (and gave it to the dogs mixed in their kibble)
Check out some of the additional benefits of Coconut oil 

1. Relieves Stress
2. Makes Your Hair Grow and Repairs Damage
3. Improves Healing and Fights Infections
4. Improves Digestion
5. Gives you Energy
6. Prevents Disease
7. Great for the Heart

WOW!! The benefits are endless 

There are many, many links, so you can do your own research, but here's one to get you started. 
and here are some of the benefits  of giving it to your dog(s) and cats

If you decide to try it, be sure to get the organic kind, cold pressed is best. You can put it on your popcorn or use instead of butter.

Please let me know how it works for you.
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  1. You've sold me!!! I will buy this today! Lord knows my poor old face could use some help! Thank you for sharing your experience! Julia

  2. Thanks Julia. And the good thing is that it can be used for soooo many things. I have thrown away all my other over the counter cosmetics to wash and moisturize. I have been mixing it with salad dressing to eat at night. Hope to get rid of the tummy next!

  3. I've been using coconut oil for awhile internally. I also use it on my daughter, Nia, in her hair and on her skin. She smells so yummy all the time! My kids LOVE it on popcorn! HOwever, I've always been nervous to use it directly on my skin...because unlike my African skin is completely blemish prone and overly oily. But I think I am going to give it a try because my skin is also wrinkle prone and has horrible's to hoping Coconut oil will be a friend to my skin. And what a wonderful idea to use it in homemade toothpaste...totally gonna try that one!

  4. Shelly - I had no idea you knew so much about this. I should have asked you lol I made the toothpaste, you might need to get some peppermint or something like that for flavoring otherwise you pretty much are brushing with baking soda (which doesn't bother me but just sayin)
    Re using on your skin It's been shown to work for all skin types although some people may be more prone to break outs using only coconut oil. If you break out then you can mix it with other oils like castor oil or jojoba oil.

  5. Thanks, Devon! You look amazing and I can only hope I look as vibrant and youthful as you when I'm there! I'll take any beauty secrets you have...especially natural and good - for - you choices!

  6. Thanks, let me know how the coconut oil moisturizer goes. Maybe try it at first by itself just to test it. It's pretty mild if you have the virgin, organic, cold press version.