Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Do you love your life?

Surprise, surprise… happy people live their lives differently. They don’t have different lives. They just do a better job at living them than those who are unhappy.

photo taken from our spring vacation in Napa 2007

Happiness is the result of subjective interpretation of perception. Of course, what we perceive isn’t always done so by choice — life does throw things our way.

However, most of the time, we find ourselves in the situations we are in because of actions we took and decisions we made. It’s the way that you live your life that largely decides whether or not you will live happily.

10 Things that people who love their lives do differently

They don’t bother trying to make others like them — mainly because they don’t care if they’re liked.

They like themselves and they are the only people they ever answer to. You could like them. You could hate them. You could pay them no mind whatsoever — doesn’t make a difference to them.
They do what they do because they decided to do it. They aren’t trying to gain your approval or acceptance. They don’t want to be part of your team — they’re a team of their own. They live their lives the way they see fit and if you like them for it, great. If not… then so be it.

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this article was taken from 
                                                 Elite Daily - Voice of Generation Y
(BTW - Generation Y are the 18-30 year olds born 1978 and 1989 
and considered the most parented generation in history)

How happy are you with your life?

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