Monday, June 2, 2014

Leopard but no lace - pencil me in

Happy Monday and welcome to June

I go back to work today but before I go, I wanted to post the last of the photos I took last week.

The post title
Actually, I wish I had thought of the leopard and lace idea when I was trying to figure out what to wear with this new Vince Camuto leopard pencil skirt.  You know I'm in love with these skirts, but from what I've been reading, people either love or hate the pencil skirt.  My thought is that we all have certain styles that we wear better than others.  Heaven knows there are many, many styles that I cannot wear.  I say, wear what you can, wear what looks good on you and wear what you feel comfortable in.

Then, when you find a style you like..... BUY IT IN EVERY COLOR!!!

and so it is with the Vince Camuto pencil skirt!

I was at Macy's last Friday and this new leopard print had just come in. Had to have it! You'd think it would be fairly easy to find a top to go with it but not quite so easy to find one that photographs well.  I do own a ton of black tops (go figure) so it shouldn't be too difficult to pair the skirt with any one of those tops for everyday use, however, I sort of wanted a little something, something for the picture.  I'll have to keep the lace idea in mind for future.

Also please excuse the bright light reflecting from he mirror behind me.  I usually stand in front of that mirror which blocks the light but todayI decided to try sitting, or more like perching as it turned out.

Made a trip to Best Buy to get a remote for my 2 cameras. Just my luck, they didn't have one for either my Nikon or my Sony cameras.  I'll have to look online or pay a visit to a Sony store to see if they have one.

So back to jumping over the bed!

Mirror, Mirror......

it occurred to me after looking at the photos that I didn't get a full shot of the skirt so here's what it looks like

What do you think of the pencil skirt?

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