Friday, June 20, 2014

Here comes the weekend wrap up and my Friday classic oldie Jam pick

So Much in Love
The Tymes (1963)

Blouse by Adrianna Papell
khaki slacks by Eileen Fisher

I love the back
How was your week?

Mine was very stressful.  I'm so glad it's finally over.

This week we launched a new diversity group at work on June 19th (Juneteenth).  Lots of upper management and the head of diversity from NY were in attendance.   My role was to close the event with a poem from Maya Angelou.  (Somebody obviously got wind of the fact that I met her on a project in San Francisco)  Although I am pretty good at public speaking, the thought of it still stresses me out for many days prior to the event.  All went well though.   The event was successful and my poem was a hit!

So now I can get back to blogging.

How many of you remember this 1963 hit, "So Much in Love" by The Tymes?
(be sure to click on the link above and listen to the song)

"So Much in Love" is a popular song sung by The Tymes. It was a #1 song in the U.S.  It was The Tymes first hit single, topping the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart on August 3, 1963, and remaining there for one week.

I chose this song in honor of our friends Kris & Charles who will tie the knot on Saturday.  

Also, in 1963, I was 13 and I was so much in love with a boy who lived down the street named Jerry.  I used to try to figure out where he might be hanging out with his friends and me and my girlfriends would happen to be walking by (a coincidence of course!)  Ahh, Young love

Whatever you have planned (or don't)....Hope you enjoy your weekend!

I was too focused on preparing for the event at work this week to give much thought to anything going on around town other than THE WEDDING!
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