Wednesday, July 9, 2014

All white everything--almost

Oh me, oh me, oh me!

I absolutely LOVE being at home on vacation.  I never sleep in.  I'm an early riser and I will tell you, I have been so busy that I've hardly had time to sit down (or get out of my pjs).

Anyway, busy or not -  I love it! I think I will make an excellent retiree.  Living life on my own terms! Oh and I started my retirement countdown!


I am an avid political and news junkie and not putting any of my faith in the US main stream media, I start my day by reading numerous websites and blogs that cover international news and current events.  I try to do this before I allow myself to peruse the multitude of fashion blogs, where I often get way too wrapped up in the world of clothing!  (It doesn't always work)

Our weekly discussion group usually meets on Saturday.  You really have to keep up with what's going on in the world (past and present) to have any chance of participating in these discussions, the topics are all over the board.  But, you can always learn something just by listening.  I always look forward to our meetings.  This is the same group of people with whom I plan to relocate and become citizens of the world with in the next couple of years.

I really love white clothing.  I have ton of it in my closet. At one time in my life, 
I used to wear a white blouse or shirt everyday.  It's such a crisp and clean look.  
So in summer - its time for - all white everything!

This week's discussion and videos were on the subject of finding a possible retirement relocation spot (a beach in Costa Rica).  It's in the Guanacaste Region on the northern coast.  Then we watched a nail biting World Cup soccer match with the Netherlands and Costa Rica.  (I warned you that I have FIFA fever ) In the end and in the final moments, Costa Rica lost!  I was sad, but they played a heck of a game!  They should be proud.

Sandals by "Unlisted" Kenneth Cole - Canvas plaid shoe by Burberry - Fabric shoe by The Gap

Of course there are many things that are far more important to me than the latest fashions and I've also been busy updating my readers about what has been going on with our project in West Africa (BTW - June was also graduation time in Guinea Bissau).  Education is the only way out for most of the children.  One of the biggest differences I find between students in the U.S and those in Guinea Bissau is that the African children are so grateful for the opportunity to just go to school (they will walk many miles for an education).  It is such a wonderful feeling when any of them make it all the way through to graduation.  This year one of the schools I'm involved with graduated 15 students - this was the 1st group to graduate.  Like a proud mama, I'm very happy for their success and very proud of their accomplishments!

This is a sleeveless white cotton dress from Coldwater Creek - it's about 4 yrs old
Today it wasn't quite warm enough to go sleeveless so I slipped on this Jest Jewels, Cotton shirt made in India 
 my bag is from Barcelona

Tuesday I finally got dressed and left my apartment for a drive to my boyfriend's house to watch the Germany/Brazil match.  I must say - "what a dismal game that was" (for those of us rooting for Brazil).  The only positive that came from my journey was that I had a chance to get some photos of the outfit I had on.  The bad thing was, the pictures aren't that clear.   I didn't have a chance to look at them during the shoot, and only saw them once I got home.

Oh well

I'm uploading them anyway.  I'm on vacation!

Can't be any worse than the butt kicking Brazil took from Germany!

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  1. love the white. i think it is so important for people to actually retire these days. work hard. but then cruise...fill your days with the things that you. I know jobs can be fulfilling, but I think it is sad so many people these days think they can't retire. Make it happen, if you can!

  2. People tend to work at their jobs way too long. Then have little time left to enjoy life. I'm all for people working but do something you love. That will enrich your life and not shorten it.