Thursday, July 10, 2014

Shopping in Paris

I wore an outfit (skirt and top) the other day that I bought at a little boutique on one of our trips to Paris.

When I bought it I remember thinking that the pattern and design were a little far out for the times (2010).  And, VERY colorful!  This was before pattern mixing (or at least before "I" was into pattern mixing).   I think just being in Paris put me a wild and crazy mood.  Otherwise, I'm not sure I would have bought this outfit (which was tres pricey as well).

Anyway, when I put it on this time, it occurred to me how fashion trends change.  It didn't seem as far out as it did when I bought it.  So I decided it might be fun to jazz it up even more (not that any more jazzing up was necessary).  How about adding a striped jacket and really funk it out?

boutique on the Champs Elysees

I happened upon the boutique by accident.  We had just arrived earlier in the day and my boyfriend had brought some work with him and was finishing up, so that he could relax and enjoy the trip.  We had the cutest hotel suite only a few blocks off the Champs-Elysees.  I decided to go out and walk around the neighborhood to explore and also give him some quiet time. I hadn't walked far when I came upon a mall and inside this cute little boutique.

As I looked back through my photos of that trip, I noticed that I had never shared my photos of the boutique on any of my blogs -- although I have often recounted my shopping story and the 2 pretty little French sales girls who had to make a trip upstairs to their inventory to find "my size".  "Ooh" she said with a smile. "I'll have to go upstairs and look through the bigger sizes to see if I can find one to fit you"  (USA size 8-10)  I'm sure she meant no harm, but after her remark I sort of got a little complex about shopping in Paris (note to self, size 8-10 is big in Paris).  Of course, I didn't let it stop me.  After all... I'm a shopper and I can take it! I just became hyper aware of how tiny the ladies are in Paris.  I guess it's the smoking? (just kidding)

Believe me, I would NEVER have paired this jacket with this outfit in 2010.  NO WAY! 
I usually wear this with a black jacket (for a more calming effect, if you know what I mean)

But...I can be sort of daring....sometimes

The boutique had a beautiful chandelier and very light and airy inside

 And...I will NOT be able to hide in this

Not for the faint of heart

I really loved the clothes in that boutique.  So French! 

This is more me.  Separate the skirt and the top

Now add the striped jacket

Or not

Anyway, I had a great time shopping with the ladies in that boutique. I was their only customer and so I had the store all to myself.  We talked and laughed while I tried on the clothes.  They were very curious about life in the US.  In the end they did find many pieces in my size and I was very happy with my purchases and even happier with the friendliness of the ladies.  When I left we exchanged email addresses though we have never written to each other.  Their English was about as good as my French.  We could get by in a pinch!

Here the girls are ringing up my purchases.  I bought the beautiful lace vest as well.
I wonder if I was supposed to wear it with the outfit??  I can't remember and I have never thought of wearing them together.  Hmmm... could this be yet another funky look?
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