Friday, July 18, 2014

Here comes the weekend wrap up and my Friday classic oldie jam pick

What do you have planned for the weekend?

I've been pretty much offline this entire week because my iMac was suffering from intermittent bouts of freezing! She was diagnosed by an 'Apple doctor', hospitalized and underwent emergency surgery to clean her ailing hard drive.

She's back and feeling restored, so I am back to blogging.

The Night has a Thousand Eyes
Bobby Vee (1962)

The coolest thing I did while I was on vacation

Welcome home to my keepsakes from Aruba & St Maarten and a porcelain  ballerina that I've had since I was 5
First the housing market and now the rental market in the Bay Area, have gone crazy!  I've moved and had to downsize (quickly) 3 times in the last 6 years! And each time, my living quarters have gotten smaller and smaller.  When I made my last move back in December, I had too much stuff for my new place (again).  I also had things in storage (which I was paying for) and things stored at my boyfriend's house. 

All of those items are now all consolidated in one location...but NOT organized.

For 6 months I've been dreading having to face all of my stuff! I knew it needed to organized and decisions had to be made about what to keep and what to get rid of it.  To get out of going over right away to organize my stuff, I made arrangements to go through it "in the summer" while I was on vacation.  But, that was sort of, "a teeny little white lie" because I hoped I would never have to go over on my vacation.  It seemed so far away when I said it back in Dec and I figured by July the promise would have been forgotten.

But, it wasn't. 

So I had to d-r-r-a-g myself over to where my things were being stored and go through everything. Box by box!


Now I know that this doesn't sound like much fun and it didn't seem like much fun to me either. There was no smile on my face when I arrived.  

But, it turned out to be quite rewarding.  Like opening presents on Christmas day!  Some of the boxes I had not looked inside for 4 years!  Some I hadn't seen for almost 2 years and some since Dec.

As I got into it, I realized it gave me a good opportunity to see exactly what kind of taste I have.  I was really pleased. 

I brought home shoes, swimsuits and some perfumes (which smell new all over again).  I shopped for some items for the dogs, a few dishes, and several purses (among other things).  

It was almost like shopping at the mall, except it was FREE and I got the same adrenalin rush! 

Eventually I will put some of my art items on Ebay and then have a HUGE weekend garage sale in the fall.  I'm going to fix the garage up like a little store.  I've got some of everything. 
Should be fun!

BTW - How many of you remember this 1962 hit oldie, The Night has a Thousand Eyes 
 by Bobby Vee 

(be sure to click the link and listen to the song)

"The Night Has a Thousand Eyes" is a popular song written by Benjamin Weisman, Dorothy Wayne, and Marilyn Garrett and first recorded by Bobby Vee. Released as a single in late 1962, it hit #3 on the Billboard Hot 100, #2 on the Easy Listening survey, and #9 on the R&B singles chart. It also reached #3 on the UK charts in March 1963, and was included on his 1963 Liberty Records album, The Night Has a Thousand Eyes.

Whatever you have planned (or don't)... Hope you enjoy your weekend!
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