Monday, August 4, 2014

Standing on the dock of the bay!

The Bay Area is such a beautiful place. Sometimes when you have lived in a place for a long time you forget.

We were invited to a birthday brunch for a friend on Sunday at the Berkeley Marina,  It was very windy and a little overcast (summer fog).  The Bay Area is a very beautiful place, in spite of the fog.

After a nice lunch (and a couple of mimosas) we took a stroll along the pier and the marina.

Brunch at Skates on the Bay (background)
Skates is a very nice place to go if you are ever in the Bay Area.  
The views from inside are incredible.

View of the city of San Francisco from the restaurant

Today the focus is not on my clothing however the dress I'm wearing is from Molly b in Berkeley.  I bought it last year.  I love the unique selection of clothing she carries.

Here's a close up of the dress which is made of parachute material by a designer named Kim Sun.  It's cute and comfy.  Of course you can wear it without a T-shirt under it (it just happens to be a little cool near the water).  The back is also longer than the front.

Hmm what's that?

It's a squirrel who doesn't seem to be the least bit intimidated by me getting close to him

 Happy Birthday Pene.  Must be nice to be 21 (again)!

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