Friday, August 1, 2014

Summer Breeze - My Swimsuits on Parade

Hello everyone. I've been busy researching for our upcoming Costa Rica trip but thought I would stop in and wish you a happy TGIF!

Hope you have something fun planned for the weekend.

We are attending an event called "Eat Drink SF" formerly SF Chefs
Grand Tasting events offer bites from more than 35 of the Bay Area's best restaurants and beverages from more than 70 top wineries, breweries and mixologists. VIP ticket-holders receive early entrance and access to an exclusive VIP lounge with additional bites, sparkling wine, and other perks, including a wine lounge in an Airstream.
 I hope you are enjoying your summer. 
How's the weather where you live? 

Summer Breeze
Seals and Crofts (1972)

The other thing I did this week was go through some of the clothes that I brought home which were stored in my friend's garage.

and just look what I found

It's my swimsuits!! 

I had all of my swimsuits stored offsite.  I'm not a big fan of swimsuits but I do have a few.
Looks like I won't need to buy any new ones before we go.

Right on time
And I guess I better get used to swimsuits, if I plan to live in Costa Rica!

My advice for looking good in a swimsuit is to go heavy on illusion.  We all have things we consider body flaws (real or imagined).  Heaven knows I've got mine.  I've got a little too much on top and a bit in the middle.  My waist line seems to have gotten a bit wider over time.

The things I do like about my body in a swimsuit are, I don't have cellulite, my legs are fairly slim and no flabby arms (I mean, considering that I am 64).  I'm not comparing myself to the youngsters or even to the 40 somethings.  My goodness I was 40 over 20 years ago! You gotta keep things in perspective and try not to be too hard on yourself.

I LOVE a cover up

A cover up is probably my favorite part of wearing a swimsuit.  I also have a couple of wrap skirt cover ups but they were not too photo cooperative today!

Sometimes I substitute a long wide scarf  (pictured above - photo on the left).

What I don't have, are floor length cover ups (kaftan style).  I don't mind my legs so I keep the cover ups on the shorter side.  Kaftans are a little more dressy.

We all have to work with what we've got!

So here are the rest of my swimsuits on parade (sans me modeling them, of course!)

all swimsuits purchased at Macy's. They have an excellent selection

My classic oldie jam pick this week is the 1972 hit song, Summer Breeze by Seals & Crofts 
check it out by clicking the link above
Released from the Summer Breeze album, Seals and Crofts' original version reached number six on the US pop singles chart. Bruce Eder of Allmusic referred to it as "one of those relentlessly appealing 1970s harmony-rock anthems," "appropriately ubiquitous on the radio and in the memory".  One of the distinctive backing instruments on "Summer Breeze" is a child's toy piano. The single reached #6 pop, #4 easy listening on the U.S. Billboard charts in autumn 1972.
Seals and Crofts performed the song live on a 1972 Bobby Darin show. The Isley Brothers performed it on a 1974 Soul Train show.

Whatever you have planned (or don't)...I hope you enjoy your weekend!
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