Tuesday, August 26, 2014

You can leave your hat on

Panama hats are here! They are one of the hottest trends right now.  Hip, chic and fashion forward, the classic Panama hat is more than just a style statement, it’s also a chic way to shade your face from the hot sun. Lightweight and breathable, the Panama hat is a cool way to look cool!
They are feather light and excellent in heat and humidity. 
The Fedora is the most popular hat style.  It looks good on just about any face shape and can be worn with anything.  The Panama hat (classified by the straw type, as well as its brim and crown) is rounder and taller than a Fedora (probably it’s closest relative) however it can be just as versatile.  
When you buy a Panama hat just be sure to choose a neutral straw one with a black or brown brim.

Secret: how to choose the right hat
Try them on.  Wider faces need wider brims.  There are lots of styles besides the classic. Keep trying them on,  you're bound to find one that is just perfect for you!

Cuenca Ecuador is home to many Panama hat weavers
Panama hats are made from a palm like plant called a toquilla.  In Ecuador they are called toquilla hats but to the rest of us they are known as the Panama hat.  A genuine Panama hat is always hand-made and they are only made in Ecuador.  I read that in the 90s the sales began to decline due to imitation machine made knock offs from China which were sold for less money. 

Now Ecuador wants to reclaim the brand!  Support the weavers of Ecuador and only buy GENUINE Panama hats.  You will find them labeled "made in Ecuador" inside the hat. 

I ordered 2 more hats today from Ecua-Andino.  I'll let you know when they arrive as I plan to take some photos of all the hats.

Tip: Always store your hat on its crown
You can leave your hat on
Photos taken after our weekly Sunday meeting
and some 49er football
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