Thursday, August 28, 2014

Without my permission - #What a difference a day makes - Throwback

I rarely participate in Throwback Thursday and I have no idea how far back you have to go to qualify for a real "throwback"-- but I figured age 16 should qualify.

However, I also added a picture of me at 54 (10 yrs ago).  Once you're over about 30, every 10 years make a HUGE difference.

Age 50 was when my body started to change (without my permission) from the slim 110 lb size 3-4 to a more "womanly" rounded body (which I might add -- is still changing)

I say, you better enjoy EVERY moment......

My Throwback Thursday from 16 to 54
age 16
Throwback from 16 to 54
Age 54
and now I'm 64......

time flies

with or without your permission
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  1. You still look amazing!! That has obviously not changed!

  2. Thanks Pam. I am mysteriously missing my waistline these days! lol

  3. How fun! You look just as beautiful today as you did at 16...and 54! And it looks like you've always had style!