Wednesday, September 24, 2014

HGTV Island Hunters - Fashions for a new episode

I still enjoy watching some of the shows on  HGTV.
My friend Pam is filming a new episode of HGTVs Island Hunters.

She and her partner Dan are buying an island....somewhere (which remains a secret)

end of filming on set

But first things first

What's a gal to wear for her TV debut?

That called for a  personal shopping consultation at Macy's. Unfortunately, I could not go with her as I had to WORK!

Filming episode requires LOTS of wardrobe changes

And 21 pieces later.......

 Take the hunt to a new level
In 2011, Private Island Inc. began working with World of Wonder Productions in Hollywood, Calif., to capture the visually stunning world of island real estate on film and share it with a wider audience. HGTV embraced the concept and debuted two half-hour “Island Hunters” specials on Jan. 1., 2013 to extremely high ratings.
New episodes of “Island Hunters” are airing in 2014 as part of HGTV’s “House Hunters” franchise with CEO Chris Krolow as producer/host on island-for-sale episodes and Director of Marketing Adam Mckie as host of rental-themed episodes. The wildly popular show brings private islands into the mainstream and attracts unprecedented attention for the featured properties as well as Private Island Inc.’s entire real estate catalog. 
Find episodes on HGTV Island Hunters

More to come.....

 I'll keep you in the loop and we will see how Pam wore the pieces and I'll post a link to the show/and or the air date here.
Break a leg Pam! 
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  1. I am an HGTV watcher and I do watch the Island Buying episodes and think how Rich! I am a baby boomer living and loving life in SFla. I will be back to read more of your posts. Thanks!

  2. Please do stop back by and Thank you for your comment.