Monday, October 13, 2014

Ankle Bootie Love!

I thought I'd post ankle bootie part 2 to feature a couple of dresses I got from Old Navy. I paired the dresses with my new ankle boots and a pair of tights. The light weight cotton dresses will be an excellent choice for warm weather. 

It also appears to be a good time to hit up the retail stores as most of them have sales going on with some pretty good discounts (I've saved up to 40% ) and I've also received some monetary reward credits in the form of actual dollar credits by using my credit card. (if you don't want to run up your bill you can always charge and then go home and pay it off) On the day I shopped at Old Navy my discount was 30% plus many of the items were already marked down. 

I'm really loving these new booties and have found many pairs that I like. They are very good for weather such as we have here in the Bay Area. It's not really cold during the winter but it isn't exactly hot either. Often time we need only a heavy sweater or light jacket. I get warm pretty easily these days so the ankle bootie may be my go to for the winter. 

Wine colored sleeveless dress paired with a wine sweater (both from Old Navy)
gray tights with navy dots

Wine colored dress paired with a white BP tee 
Lace Cardigan: Painted Threads via Nordstrom

Sub out the lace cardigan for a yellow Mod Lusive cardigan from Nordstrom

Coral/Navy floral cotton summer dress by Old Navy
worn with grey/dotted tights

change tights and pair with off white and black dotted tights

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More bootie options to follow....

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