Friday, October 10, 2014

The Bootie calls!

Another weekend is upon us. Where does the time go? We are winding down our Indian Summer here in the Bay Area and fall will be here in a few weeks.  I'm not really that fond of the shorter days and the time change but once we get through the season it will time for me to head over to Costa Rica. So that is something I am looking forward to.
In preparation of the changing season I needed to have a pair of ankle boots! Well, that's the excuse I used anyway.

I have never been a big fan of the ankle boot or (bootie) for me, until recently. The ankle boot has been around for a while now and I've loved the look, on other women, but thought I could never wear the style due to my thin ankles (yep there are my ankles standing in the way of a fashion trend once again) However, fashion has a way of adapting these days (still not enough where age is concerned but certainly fashion adapts to body type). 

So after seeing photos of some other women with thin ankles sporting the ankle boot I decided to do an extensive boot search and finally I decided to buy my 1st pair.  I do have to add that most ankle boots are still way to wide in the ankle for my taste but I was happy to find a few acceptable choices.

There are also many different ways to wear the ankle boot. If you are over 50 and beyond, like me, you may find that some of the bootie looks are bit too young looking while others are quite age appropriate. The key to staying stylish and hip is to take current looks and make adjustments until it feels right for you.

My musical selection this week isn't an oldie. 
Songwriter Jetta has been dubbed NBT (the next big thing)
here's more

Take it Easy

ankle boots paired with black tights
ankle boots by Anne Klein ilex (very comfy)
worn with black fish net tights

gray and white stripe sleeveless dress from Old Navy

One easy choice for me is to pair booties with a dress
A good look for work

Of course there are many more ways to wear ankle boots.
 I will feature some of my other looks in another post. Coming soon

"Whatever you have planned (or don't)...Hope you enjoy your weekend."

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  1. Love this and your booties! You look awesome...I am glad to see so many fun booties on the market right now!

  2. Thanks. Now I need MORE colors but comfort is key!!!