Tuesday, January 6, 2015

A whole lotta color! - hats - day 2

How bout we add some color to the photo shoot, shall we? 

A whole lotta color!

I have a knit hat which I have always considered to be orange. I decided to photograph it with a beautiful scarf that I have which is full of vibrant orange and green. A sort of safari look. 

As soon as I put the outfit together and snapped the camera shutter  - uh oh - I noticed that the hat wasn't exactly orange like I thought but more salmon colored. 

But what's done is done, so why not just go with. So I threw on some aqua sunglasses and a bunch of colorful African bangles.

It's 2015 and anything goes right? 

Hair in braids (still drying).
I usually leave it braided for a couple of days to obtain the wavy look
These hats were my incognito (?) look while it dried - seriously!

Hair dry and down

There are no rules?
Well, maybe not everything goes with everything.
I ditched the aqua shades in favor a more neutral pair. 

I have a good friend who designs and knits the coolest hats.
She made the hats below for me

I also have the hat above in green (you'll see it on another "my hats" day later this week) 

When my hair is up this one looks like hair

please stop back tomorrow for "my  hats" day 3

and just in case you missed it....
click here for day 1
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