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Currently Wearing: Diana Vreeland - Outrageously Vibrant

Lots of people like perfume, but only a few people really LOVE it. Perfume lovers want to try all sorts of perfumes and love to talk about them. 

I finally got a chance to check out the new fragrance by Diana Vreeland. I bought the scent called Extravagance Russe but got it home and did not like it (which rarely happens to me).  I think this time it was due to my purchasing the fragrance at Needless markup Neiman Marcus from a very pushy sales man - on my lunch hour. Shopping at Neiman is not like shopping at good ole Nordstrom.  As a perfume lover always on the hunt - I must add that, Neiman Marcus had many interesting fragrances that I was not familiar with, so for that reason I plan to return)

On this day, however, I ended up leaving wtith a fragrance I had not tested on my own body (it was pre sprayed on one of those tester cards) and bought a size much bigger than I wanted at a price I was not prepared to pay. It was $271 (with tax) I have purchased only one other fragrance  that cost as much (a Tom Ford exclsuive for $350). Generally I try to keep my puchases under $150 - $185 max. Coming to my senses - several days later,  I returned to exchange my purchase for Outrageously Vibrant in a smaller size.  Still deciding how much I like the new fragrance but much happier (and $70 richer).
Ain't No Sunshine
Lighthouse Family

I like this version (though not a classic oldie) a remake of the Bill Wither's classic of the same name
always one of my all time favorite songs

Diana Vreeland photo source

Famed for her red lips, red nails and red chinoiserie salon, Diana Vreeland stood out even more for her talents as an editor.

Diana Dalziel, was born in Paris around the turn of the 20th century and died in New York in 1989. In between she lived an extraordinary life that, in classic American fashion, was a triumph of self-invention. 
The Perfumes
The collection of five fragrances available exclusively at Neiman Marcus is the work of Diana Vreeland’s grandson, Alexandar Vreeland, who recently published the book Diana Vreeland Memos. The collection includes fragrances available in colorful flacons, while the compositions are signed by prominent perfumers of the IFF company. The fragrances of the collection by Diana Vreeland (1903 - 1989), famous columnist and editor of Vogue and Harper's Bazaar were named Extravagance Russe, Perfectly Marvelous, Absolutely Vital, Simply Divine and Outrageously Vibrant.
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If you are interested, there is a  2012 documentary movie about Diana called
The Eye Has to Travel
Trailer is below

Whatever you have planned (or don't). Hope you enjoy your weekend! 
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