Tuesday, January 20, 2015

What's wrong with just being yourself?

Thought I would post the personal story of the creators of one of my favorite blog/websites, StyleLikeU
I don't miss a post or a video!!


In the video below you can go behind the scenes of StyleLikeU
Find out all about the journey of Elisa & Lily and their mother-daughter website.

"Since StyleLikeU began (2009), we’ve always struggled to show just how personal the site is to us. The story behind the stories that we feature are in and of themselves as interesting as the videos due to the connection that we make with our muses. We are 1000 percent aware of the selfie, social media culture, and talking about ourselves is about as natural to us as chivalry is to Terry Richardson."

"However, we know that the story of StyleLikeU will never evolve if we don’t open up."

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