Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Aging ain't always so grand - part 3 and UPDATE

Friday will mark one month since I have began using Nerium. My face feels softer and smoother and I can see some softening of the lines around my cheeks. The change is very subtle so I'm not sure it can even be seen in these photos. It doesn't really matter though because it has only been one month.  I am not looking for any real dramatic changes because I don't have a ton of wrinkles on my face. I just want my skin to be a little softer and any lines I lose are a plus!!

So, at this point I'm pretty satified and I will purchase my 2nd month supply. I'll post another update at the end of May.

The 3rd thing that I am doing at age 65, is to begin paying some attention to my eye lashes (of which I have almost none). Mascara also burns my eyes (I've tried all kinds) so in the past I have always chosen to go mascara free.

At the same time that I heard about Toppix hair fibers, I also heard about Younique fiber lashes. It is very easy and so far has not bothered my eyes at all. It's a 2-step process and since it goes on like mascara, you don't have to be an expert to wear it. Plus you can choose how long and how thick you want your lashes to be based on the amount you apply. I usually put on about 2 coats.  Sometimes I add a little regular mascara and sometimes I don't (although the instructions urge you to use your own mascara for a darker and more defined lash. What I have been using is enough to make a big difference in my lashes. The price was about $29.

For more info go here They also carry lots of other eye make up.

So, as I wind down age 64, I move to a new chapter of my life and begin preparation for my retirement next year.  I'm excited and honestly I feel much younger than the date on my birth certificate says.

Age is just a number

What number do you choose?

It's all up to us!!
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  1. I'm enjoying your experiment with a new serum. You look amazing and 10 years younger than you say you are. I'm glad the product you chose is working for you. Keep posting the results.

  2. Thank you Jane. You can only do what you can do (short of surgery)lol Also it needs to EZ. Low maintenance is key!!