Saturday, May 2, 2015

Dressed to kill

It's my birthday tradition....
I like to buy myself one special outfit.
Usually it's something I would not ordinarily buy for myself 
and definitely something I would NOT wear to work!
This year I decided to start a little early as we
were in the vicinity of one of my favorite boutiques
Molly b in Berkeley

I love shopping at Molly b because they carry a variety of one of a kind, 
unique and often quirky clothing items.
Many of the clothes are one size fits all or SML.  
The majority are loose, flowy, and unstructured. 
I'm all for that look these days, it suits my artsy style and hides a multitude of sins 
(such as too much salami, wine and cheese) 

sooo, why not
just ask the sales person???
it's a heck of a lot easier
(and makes for a much better picture, don't you think?) 

I saw this dress on display when I first walked into the store and thought it would make a great statement piece. The designer is Jane Mohr and the label is "Dress to Kill" price $365
(Oh and BTW - although tempted, I did not buy this dress!)

~~Happy Birthday to all of my fellow Taureans~~
Traits of people born in May
Very stable, strong-willed and highly self-motivated. They hardly hesitate in offering their opinions and are assertive, pragmatic and extremely courageous individuals. Though good at handling difficulties in life and equipped with a tremendous common sense, these people tend to be extravagant. However, this weakness generally goes unnoticed as these individuals earn well and are financially very stable. People born in May are extremely confident individuals and they tend to spend lavishly. They are extremely understanding, resolute and enthusiastic. Their physical attractiveness coupled with their mental strength makes them absolutely irresistible. Extremely hardworking and always on the move, these people always keep themselves occupied with something or the other and detest wasting time.

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  1. Happy almost-Birthday! Look forward to seeing what you bought to treat yourself this year!

  2. Yep, I bought one dress there but hopefully I will buy more LOL

  3. What a super cool outfit, Devon! You look amazing...Happy Birthday!