Monday, April 13, 2015

Aging ain't always so grand

Have you ever felt like your body was falling apart? 
If you have not yet experienced this phenomena, consider yourself fortunate, but just know,  your time will come --  it happens to the best of us. 

Lately I've been feeling like it's time to take some corrective measures where the face and body are concerned. Although I try very hard to stay upbeat and keep a positive attitude, sometimes a girl needs a little help! 

A total of 76 million Americans were born between 1945 and 1964. 8,000 baby boomers turn 65 every day on average.

Gone are the days of being young and invincible. As the years pass, our once youthful and relatively toned bodies begin to break down. Anyone who is over 65 already knows that their body is definitely aging and sometimes not so gracefully. 

Even if you’ve done everything right, there are some body parts that just seem destined to betray our age, no matter what we do.  

The most common areas are: Neck, hands and face.

I will be 65 next month.  Another big problem is that I am feeling extremely stressed. I am just plain tired of working. In the good ole days I would be able to retire next month and collect full social security, however with the government pushing the retirement age out further and further, I will have to work one more year.  

I am not considering a surgical face lift or botox.....

So what will I do?

I'm doing 3 things

Here's #1

Nerium requires every customer to take a before photo

Nancy, a friend of mine who I highlighted here on the blog last year, invited me to the launch of a new product from Nerium AD.  Nerium has only been in business for about a year and has made excellent progress. Nancy is a Brand Partner. The product is an anti aging product that has done wonders for her.  I went to her launch, and I have to say, I was very impressed with the product, the presentation and the way she looks after only ONE month. I liked it so much, that I purchased a one month supply for myself.

The company says that after using the product for 1 year, the average person looks about 10 years younger.

That's a lofty claim but the product carries a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied for any reason. So I figure there is really nothing to lose. So I'm giving it a try.

I'll keep track of my progress here on the blog. So stay tuned

"For months the Nerium team has been working hard behind the scenes to create a powerful online experience, and we unveiled it in front of thousands of people in San Jose. To make that happen, we’re currently making the last few adjustments to all of our websites "
New product information available on April 14th (I will be at the "new launch") 

It is very easy to use. 
A night cream for the evening. 
A day cream for daytime
 and a body cream for use on those aging body parts (I have not used this yet)
I think the packaging has an elegant look as well. 
It all looks very pretty in my bathroom!

UPDATE - For more information on Nerium and/or to order please go here
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  1. You really look amazing at 65. You have wonderful genes. I just turned 36 and feel like I discover new wrinkles and sags each week. I only hope to look as good as you when I'm there one day. Does your new product have lots of crazy chemicals or is it more natural-based?

  2. Well I am a stickler for natural products so hopefully this one is not too bad. They told me it was good. Plant based.

    Here is the link