Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Kickin it Caribbean style

Yes, I had every intention when I started our vacation to snap a daily photo of whatever outfit I happened to be wearing. Well, none of that happened. However, I can say that I wore every single thing I packed! And as a matter of fact, I bought 3 dresses to boot! 

I think I had it figured out perfectly. I wore the long pants and tops with sleeves or short sleeves while we were in the Central Valley. When we arrived on the Caribbean side it was way too hot and humid to be bothered. That's why I bought the dresses. For me it was much more comfortable and I was a lot cooler in a dress. ( Note to self for the next trip)

I also took 3 swim suits. I did not have time to do any swimming (although I did spend one gloriously relaxing afternoon one the beach).  I wore the swimsuits as tops with my shorts. 

If you want to know what I thought of Costa Rica, I can sum it up in one word Frickin FABULOUS!!! (OK 2 words) 

There are merits to the Central Valley and the Pacific Coast but the Caribbean Coast takes the prize, hands down as the most beautiful and unqiue place I have ever been. Not to say that Paris isn't great too (I still love Paris) but there is something intriquing about life and people on the Caribbean Coast.

Anyway, here are a few pics of me. Most taken at the divine Le Cameleon Hotel!!! I can't say enough about that place. Kind of expensive, but worth every penny to me. I would (and will) return. 

This is one of the dresses I bought at one of the shops in town

Jungle tour day (with my Tilley) 

Girl power

everyone rides a bike in Puerto Viejo

On our 1st night (and many there after) we rocked out to live music at The Lazy Mon

With my lover by my side - it makes everything so right
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  1. I love this, I have so much information, I felt as if I was there well, in my mind. Thanks for sharing. I will visit you when u retire.