Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Do stripes make you look fat?

Do you think that horizontal stripes add inches to the waistline?

Stripes often get a bad rap

Stripes are fun and flattering on practically any item in your wardrobe, 
from dresses and tops to shoes and skirts.

While, there is some truth that horizontal stripes make you look wider, 
in all honesty, the difference is minuscule and can be negated by the size of the stripe. 

So do we cast out wearing stripes altogether?

"People should probably not worry too much about wearing vertical or horizontal stripes,"
say fashion experts. 

“They don’t make much of a difference to perceived height and weight.”
Our fashion expert agrees.
“Rules are meant to be broken, especially fashion rules,”

Keep the size of the stripe in line with the size of your body
petite women can wear smaller stripes

Black and white striped dress available @ Ann Taylor

fuller busted women can opt for a chevron stripes


Comes in several colors
gray/black stripe  
I also got one in blue (solid) 

try layering to break up the stripe

 you can be like me
I have a fuller bust
I'm no longer skinny
and I'm only 5'3
I love stripes, both vertical and horizontal

 I wear whatever I want!

It's really all about owning your look!
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